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Your Passport to Healthy Living

JSD Healthy Living was founded by me, Stacey Blum, in an effort to enrich others' lives with my knowledge and experience in travel and health.


JSD Healthy Living is my dream, my passion, and my vision at work.


It is my way to help others live a life full of vitality.


It is realizing that living healthy is more than just what you eat.


It is realizing travel can change you.


It is the unexpected experiences in unknown places.


JSD Healthy Living is your passport for your mind, body and soul.


Why JSD?

I am a signature travel expert, a certified holistic health coach and a certified pilates instructor. I am passionate about helping others live their best lives. JSD are the initials of the biggest inspiration in my life, my brother Jeff, who shared his passion for travel and selfless heart with me and so many others. I want to pass on his passion to you, so you can live a better life too.


Step outside your comfort zone, explore the unknown and the undiscovered you and let me fill your passport to healthy living!



Get your name on the list.

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